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What is BitcoinBlue?

BitcoinBlue is a consensual network that enables a new payment system and a completely digital currency. It is the first decentralized payment peer-to-peer network powered by its users without a central authority or intermediaries. From a user point of view, Bitcoin is like money for the Internet. BitcoinBlue may be the only triple ledger system in existence.

How does BitcoinBlue work?

From the user's perspective, Bitcoin is nothing more than a mobile or desktop application that provides a personal BitcoinBlue wallet and allows the user to send and receive bitcoins with it. This is how Bitcoin works for most users.

What is BitcoinBlue used for?

Due to the fair transaction fees, BitcoinBlue is being used in several countries, this currency is used as an effective alternative for payments in cash and credit cards.
It is also very useful in the use of international remittances and as a good solution in countries where hyperinflation has made physical currency not very effective or practical to use.

Who controls BitcoinBlue?

BitcoinBlue is an open protocol that is not under the control or domain of a single entity.
Anyone can write software to carry out transactions on the BitcoinBlue network, without requiring the permission of any central entity.
There are no barriers to using BitcoinBlue, only the minimum fees required to improve security and prevent SPAM.

How does BitcoinBlue have value?

Like any other physical or digital currency, BitcoinBlue has value in society, because people find it useful, easy to use, and can spend or receive it in exchange for services and goods.

What are the advantages of BitcoinBlue?
  • Tax free: Now in your businesses you can have better income, you can send and receive BitcoinBlue at any time and anywhere, avoiding bureaucracy and extra charges.
  • Transactions are irreversible: Fraud will be avoided, excellent protection for merchants.
  • Speed in transactions: Transactions are made very quickly, and with a low and fair transaction cost
Where can I get BitcoinBlue?

You can get BitcoinBlue in the Exchange of the home list.

What is the value of 1 BitcoinBlue?

The value varies from aucero to supply and demand, you can know the current price in the available exchanges.

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