Unlike other popular digital currencies, BitcoinBlue has a distinct approach to usability, security, and efficiency as a digital currency, while Bitcoin is currently the leader in mass adoption, that leadership might not last forever. We show you a few reasons to choose BitcoinBlue:

Speed in transactions.

BitcoinBlue allows you to carry out your transactions almost immediately.

It has the lowest commissions.

BitcoinBlue has lower commissions, which allows its usability in business and payments.

It is more private.

Avoid compromising your identity and transaction reporting. For this reason you will avoid fraud, theft and more.

Pay developers, marketing, and more.

BitcoinBlue has set aside 20% of the coins mined for development. This means that the coin can itself hire programmers, marketing staff, and even media professionals to improve the coin itself, its adoption, and its overall ecosystem, meaning that BitcoinBlue can fully function on its own, without the need for volunteers or corporate assistance.